My Journey Starting Dolci Belle Bakery

This is Dolci Belle Bakery and the story of how it all started. I want to share a little bit  about me first. My name is Isabella, I'm 26 years old, and the proud owner of Dolci Belle  Bakery. My passion for baking cakes and chocolates all started a few years ago in the kitchen at  my house in Brazil. I started making some chocolate truffles to sell at school and at my aunt's  market to help my family out with extra money. Once I started I fell in love with making sweets  but never thought I would start my own business. Besides making chocolates and sweets on the  side I was working full time at the bank for over 3 years. Until one day I got fired from my job.  Over the next few months it was hard but I knew I had to make money somehow. Personally I  am a very independent and focused person. I don't believe in waiting for the perfect scenario, or  the best opportunity to fall in my lap. If I set my mind to something I will achieve it with  handwork and determination . I decided after 4 months that I wanted to go back to making cakes  and chocolate and make it full time job. Later I had an idea to sell my cakes and desserts at night  in front of the local food market. I thought it would be cool to have a custom cart with my name  Dolci Belle and sell my desserts on there. During the day I would bake cakes and make all kinds  of desserts and then would go to the center of my city to sell them at night. Over the next few  months more and more people in my city Brasilia wanted to try my desserts. After seeing how  many people loved my desserts my dream of having my own shop looked like a real possibility.  9 months later I was about to open my bakery in Brazil. I was so excited to have my dream come  true.  

 But life always surprises us, my closest friend really needed me and she was in New York  City. I chose to go to there and be with her. This was in early March of 2020 and as you all know  Covid-19 happened and my short term plan of staying with my friend became a longer stay. I 

felt that because of the pandemic I hadn’t experience much of New York and still wanted to  improve my English. As 2020 went on a new phase full of challenges arose. How long should I  stay in America became the question. Later in 2020 I decided to take a trip to San Diego  California and I absolutely loved it. I decided after visiting there that I wanted to move there. I  packed my bags and left on my own to San Diego. In the first month of being in San Diego I met  my future husband and at the beginning of 2021 I got married and moved with him into our  apartment in Pacific Beach. I felt this would be the perfect place to start my cake dessert business  again. Of course it was difficult being an immigrant and not yet a citizen but I knew this could be  a great spot to start all over again from scratch. The process of starting all over again of course  was difficult at times but I didn't give up. And today, after a year and 3 months I have arrived  here, I do what I love the most, and I dedicate myself daily to deliver the best I can. And I'm still  not even close to halfway through what I'm aiming for, but I know that with all my hard work  and determination all my dreams will come true and have my own bakery cafe in beautiful San  Diego.